Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Barcode Tattoos to mark our Identity

Barcode Tattoos to mark our Identity
Imagine in coming times everyone has their own barcode! It’ll be so robotic but this sounds something practical in twenty-third century.

Barcode tattoo on arm

Anyways, if this happens then I can say that every soul will have atleast a single tattoo on them. However, these barcodes tattoos will have the identity of a person hidden under their bars but I don’t know how this concept will work because for that we need help of learned researchers. If this actually happens then boy it’ll be so difficult for any terrorists or smugglers to change their identity with the help of plastic surgery.

This will surely reduce the crime. Well, right now you can take a look at the barcode tattoos which are prevailing in today’s world.

Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty is seen everywhere. Started as a fictional character and now can be seen on many products and also on human skins’.

You have seen Zune, Apple, Games, Scientific and many other types of tattoos but today, you’ll see tattoos of a very cute and kind-hearted kitten called Hello Kitty.

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