Tuesday, 9 November 2010

tattoo mummy of mysterious tattoo

tattoo mummy of mysterious tattoo

Tattoos in China are as Chinese as the Chinese dragon - said a tattoo artist. Tattoos are regaining popularity in China as the people are embracing Western culture.

Dong Dong is one of the globally renowned tattooists in Beijing who is not only known for his technical ability but also for his artistic sensibility. In 1996 he opened the Mummy Tattoo. Presently, LaoHuo is also working with Dong Dong at Mummy Tattoo.

Where other tattoo artists in China are struggling with the conflict whether to adapt Western or images from their own culture to reflect as their tattoo designs, Dong Dong follows the work of several tattoo artists from America, Japan and Europe but he feels connected to the images and history of his culture. In other words we can simply put, his work is a true amalgamation of Western and Chinese culture.

Amazing Tattoo art

His work combines Gong-bi and Xie-yi techniques with western styles and Paul’s deep shading.
You may walk into his sophisticated shop between 11am to 9pm with a forehand appointment to get an extremely mark able tattoo. The cost for a piece starts from 1000 Yen. Address: Room 201, Tong Li Building, San Li Tun Bar Street, Chao Yang District, Beijing.

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