Thursday, 28 October 2010

Angel Tattoo Designs - How to Find Best Angel Tattoos Designs You

Angel tattoos Designs actually have very special meanings to the person who had them. Sometimes, they would mean purely spiritual or religious, or sometimes they're combined with other designs and names to signify a certain meaning.

Origins and Meanings

The word "angel" is a Latin word that means a messenger of God. It was said that there are three choirs, each of them have different ranks, as well as duty. Although their main role is to watch over us, others were also tasked to guard over the realm between heaven and earth and provide wisdom and protection to the whole mankind. They have universal appeal as depicted in Christian, Islamic and Jewish religions.

The most common angel tattoo is the guardian angels and the falling angels. Guardian Angels It was said that guardian angels are always with us in this world. They guide you wherever you are and they are sent by God in order to protect us in this world. They're being depicted as a human with large wings and are very loving and protecting. They are often shown as glowing or shining and sometimes floating, while looking down at us. Most people would choose this kind of tattoo in order to have a connection with their guardian angel.

Fallen Angels

Another common of the angel tattoos designs is the fallen angel tattoo, and was said to have thrown out of heaven as a form of punishment. They're rebellious of sorts, and they come to earth to mingle with mortals and they are being tasked to roam the earth until the judgment day comes. They are depicted as a human looking upwards, with face covered and their wings are usually broken.

People would get to have this kind of angel tattoos designs done on their body to symbolize their bad streak and to show their rebellious side.

Combined Meanings It is certainly a great way to make it personalize, by combining the angel with other designs. An example is just a wing symbol which could mean freedom and the way to rise up above your problems.

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