Tuesday, 26 October 2010

tokek tattoo

lizard tattoo images
lizard tattoo design for girlsLizards have been a part of the folklore and legends in all of Polynesia, Mediterranean and Americas. Lizard tattoo designs have been quite popular with both the genders alike.

There are a lot of designs available when you are looking to get a lizard tattoo done. The most sought after designs are Gecko lizard tattoo and Iguana lizard tattoo. Different cultures at different times have regarded lizards with various symbolic ideas. Most widely believed is the theory that lizard tattoo symbolizes protection and soul searching for light.

Apart from that the lizard tattoo is very adaptable as the design is not constrained by space. It can fit into large as well as small areas. You can get a lizard tattoo done on ur arms, upper back, lower back or even on the legs.

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